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mAPs migrating Artists Projectin tuottama viiden tanssielokuvan sarja käsittelee vallan tematiikkaa Euroopassa. Elokuvat on joko puhuttu tai tekstitetty englanniksi tai sitten dialogia ei ole.


mAPs migrating Artists Project is a transmedia cooperation project between five European countries aiming to support and mentor professional artists through the production and dissemination of a premium screendance collection, with a commitment to strong ethical values, questioning contemporary societal issues and involving communities into creative processes, every step of the way.

The first mAPs collection focuses on the theme of POWER in Europe. The films are either spoken or subtitled in English, or there is no dialogue.


EMERSION | France 2022 | 19’13
A film by Aline-Sitoé N’Diaye
Choreographed by Abdou N’Gom

Yaa, a multi-ethnic girl, is confronted with her skin color for the first time when she discovers the shades of ballet shoes in a store. At 15, Yaa hates everything about her, especially her hair, which is constantly touched by strangers; she decides to straighten it to look like her friends. This is the beginning of a hellish journey that pushes her to want to reflect the world around her. When she can no longer damage her hair, she realizes that she needs a profound change.

CIRCOLOGY | Finland 2022 | 15’
A film by Tero Peltoniemi & Antti Seppänen

Atlas has been living next to a wind turbine, in his remote and closed, yet safe and comfortable town. Although a master of arm-spinning, Atlas progressively finds himself breaking away from the circular communal tradition of his town. Until the explosion of his wind turbine burns his life’s meaning to the ground.

36 MONTHS - FIGHTING FOR ZAK | Greece 2022 | 13’
A film by Konstantina Bousmpoura & Ariadne Mikou

On the anniversary of the violent murder of activist, anti-fascist and drag queen Zak Kostopoulos, George, a well-established young lawyer, tries in vain to lay a flower bouquet at the impromptu monument, which is guarded by police. While an activist protest in front of the monument is in progress, George’s business meeting is constantly interrupted. As a result, he is confronted with his deepest feelings and comes to a rupture with his work environment.

DANSOMATON | Italy 2022 | 13’

Set in a nocturnal «suburbia» of Turin, DANSOMATON is based on a game of fightingandroids remotely-controlled by their human owners. Winning allows players to customize their DANSOMATON both physically and by purchasing upgrade cards simulators of consciousness, emotions and vocabulary. Richi, 25, is a beginner player, a boy distressed by his loneliness, who sees in DANSOMATONs the possibility to finally build a relationship. Meeting Dedra, a long-winded player to the limit of obsession, grants Richi the opportunity to win the last missing points to buy the word card to his DANSOMATON, Prisma. Richi is ready to set off with his new empowered android friend, but Prisma seems not to be of the same advice.

SEARCHING FOR PHOENIX | Germany 2022 | 14’57
A film by Marc Wagenbach

Phoenix is assigned by his supervisor from the Ministry of Innovation and Change to assess the impact of the COVID-19 crisis in Europe in order to create risk scenarios for the German economy. He embarks on a journey, where he must overcome personal and professional obstacles to fulfill his work assignment : in a world yearning for change.